Bankruptcy Filers Can Easily Get Better Credit Scores Quickly

When people go bankrupt their finances become a painful chapter in their lives. They avoid credit and shun anything to do with their credit reports or credit scores. And that’s a mistake.

Going bankrupt is painful enough but being unfairly penalized for going through bankruptcy is not fair. If you have gone bankrupt in the last seven years you need to get a copy of your consolidated credit report. I use and recommend this consolidated credit report and be sure to get it with the credit score option as well.

When you go bankrupt, lenders are supposed to update your account information to properly reflect that the account was included in bankruptcy and is no longer collectible. Lenders are notoriously bad at doing this.

Even when I went bankrupt I had the same issue and had to get a copy of my consolidated credit report and nag my creditors and credit bureaus to correctly list the accounts.

Once you dispute the incorrectly listed accounts with the credit bureaus, using the contact information will be on your consolidated credit report, it won’t take long for the accounts to be corrected. They should be updated to show that they are no longer in collections but now closed with bankruptcy. That action alone will boost your score a bit immediately.

Next step to bringing your score back up will be to get new credit that reports to the credit bureaus. You need to build a new and responsible credit history using credit you can afford. Don’t go crazy and apply for all sorts of stuff, just go an get a secured credit card, which you can get easily after bankruptcy. Use the new card responsibly for 6-12 months and your score will go a long way towards increasing in conjunction with your consolidated credit report work.


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