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We Live Remotely so Employment Options are Slim. – Angela

“Dear Steve,

We owe $25,000. in credit card dept, $5,000. in medical bills, and $6,000. in student loans. I have been receiving unemployment since June of 2007 and my Husband receives SS Disability. We live remotely so employment options are slim.

Bankruptcy? Do we have any other option?


Dear Angela,

Well bankruptcy might take care of the credit card debt and medical bills but I have a bigger concern.

At some point your unemployment benefits are going to stop, and then what are you going to do? I really think you need to look ahead and contemplate how you are going to survive if you stay in an area with few options for earning an income. I can’t imagine that you and your husband can survive just on his SSDI payment.

The debt you have is the symptom, not the problem. The problem is underemployment. You might just have to consider moving towards where there is work instead of hoping that work comes to you.

Otherwise, you might find yourself, bankrupt, without access to credit and unable to make it from month to month.

The thought of moving is almost never pleasant but when the water is rising you’ve got to go to safer ground.

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