Debt is Dragging Even Me Down, Mentally.

Right now it is a beautiful North Carolina day with the sun shinning over a blue sky, birds singing and a gentle breeze is blowing. In some respects it is a tremendous day worth living.

But I’ve got to be honest, I’m trying to get in the mood to dive into the never ending requests for help that are sent in from the site.

I’m not immune from the unhappiness and depression that you are feeling as well. Maybe the problem is that I feel your pain too much. Maybe I should find a way to turn that off.

When I read email after email and the stories contained in them I remember back what it was like when I was struggling with the pain of debt. It was back in 1989 and 1990 but that pain does not seem to fully go away.

What I remember most was how dark those days felt. How oppressive or depressing they were. There is no magic wand I can wave to make that better.

While it might not provide much comfort, at least I know that the funk I’m in today is just a fraction of what many are suffering from. Many are unable to drag themselves out of bed, are severely depressed, can’t face the day and just can properly function in a normal way in days that feel anything but normal.

For those of you that might be regular readers, you might remember that my escape from dealing with the pain of debt is photography. Ironically here is a picture I took a few days ago that seems to remind me even more about consumer debt problems.


To me it reminds me of the hopelessness that individual consumers are feeling under the powerful light and control of large banks. The chair is sitting empty, waiting for the next person to come in and face the stark reality of their debt problems.

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Credit Counselor Stress

If I’m feeling like this there must be a lot of people, that care, who are working for credit counseling groups or debt management companies that are feeling the same overwhelming stress and sadness. I wonder how they are dealing with it?

Those of us that advise are going to need grief counselors soon because the trauma that we face on a daily basis is coming at us fast and furious.

I’m not whining about this, just venting and being honest. I’ll finish this post and do what I do best; the next question.

Steve Rhode

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