I Have Bad Credit And Want a Loan to Pay Off My Payday Loans. – Charlene


“Dear Steve,

Please I need some help right now. I dont know why I did this but during the holiday season I needed xtra cash and i got some payday loans and all of a sudden my checking account was in the red for almost a thousand dollors and right now my checking account is well over a thousand dollars.

And besides that I have bad credit at over $10,000. I am trying to get a personal loan so I can pay everything without filling bankruptsy. Is there anyone that wili give me a personal loan to help me pay back all the money now total over 15,000.

Is there anyone who will give me a personal loan and i have bad credit on top of it?


Dear Charlene,

Is there someone that would give you a loan for this? Nobody legit is even going to give you the time of day.

Bankruptcy is probably the route you’ll have to follow at this point.

If you felt you had to take payday loans to pay for gifts during the holiday season, that was a mistake. If you can’t afford to buy gifts, just don’t do it. Now, people got great gifts and you gave yourself bankruptcy. Was it worth it?


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