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How Long Does it Take Toyota Financial Services to Repossess a Car? – Tammy

“Dear Steve,

I am behind in my payments.

How long does it take before toyota services reposess your car?


Dear Tammy,

Almost every situation is different. The bottom line is that if you are more than one payment past due you need to be concerned about repossession.

My advice would be for you to call Toyota Financial Services and try to work out a suitable payment solution that will get you current. If you can’t do that, be honest with them, and make arrangements to give the car back so you don’t walk out one morning and it isn’t there.

Just be aware, if you give the car back or they take it, the car will be sold at auction and you will be sent a nice big bill to pay for the difference in the loan amount and the auction sales price.

Oh yes, take all your personal stuff out of the car now. At least the stuff you would miss if the car was snatched back by them.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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  • So, how many months late were you when they took the cars and did you receive a cure notice? I am 27 days late today and was 45 last month (that is the latest I have ever been) and they sent me a notice. I made a payment and it took me down to 20 some days late.

    I didn’t make the requested payment that they wanted to cure the default but I took it down to under 30. Now, I requested an extension, which they said was approved. But we will see if it goes through. I now am almost 30 days late and if the extension goes through by the 22nd, I will be 1 day late on the July payment. If it doesn’t go through, I can’t make a payment until the 1st, so I will be 41 days late but it will take me down to 11 once I make the payment! I AM FREAKING OUT!

    • Hi Morgan,

      Your story sounds very much like mine.  I am facing the same situation.  Received an extension and cure letter same day.  Filled out extension sent it in and made payment.  It has posted but not processed yet.  Falling into the 15 day on the cure letter.  CSR keep telling me the extension cancels out the letter.  Still see both payments due even one has posted. FREAKING OUT!!

  • My toyota tundra was repoed also . I was laid off from work recently , and due to the fact I am a contractor , I had no income coming in . I made 16 payments on time every time . I made arrangements with Toyota to resume my payments since I was recently employed again . Toyota repoed my truck before the deadline of the new aggreement . They came in the middle of the night and took my truck without any notification that the were taking it . When I awoke the next morning and realized my truck was gone , I immediatley contacted Toyota . They informed me that they dont make arrangements , and refused to tell me where my truck was so that I could get my personal belongings . So if you deal with Toyota Financial , please beware .

  • My Toyota was repossessed once and it was very difficult getting it back…. i have been out of work even before the first time now on the verge of it happening again… If you cant sign on to the online billing and they request you to call…be on the look out they will be picking your car up very soon… Make sure you call them .. They will work with you.

  • My Toyota was just towed (repossesed) The guy said I was 3 months behind. I was getting calls but I ignored them. I was about to send a payment and give them a call. Tomorrow I have to follow up with them to see what I have to do to get my car back.

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