How Long Does it Take Toyota Financial Services to Repossess a Car? – Tammy

“Dear Steve,

I am behind in my payments.

How long does it take before toyota services reposess your car?


Dear Tammy,

Almost every situation is different. The bottom line is that if you are more than one payment past due you need to be concerned about repossession.

My advice would be for you to call Toyota Financial Services and try to work out a suitable payment solution that will get you current. If you can’t do that, be honest with them, and make arrangements to give the car back so you don’t walk out one morning and it isn’t there.

Just be aware, if you give the car back or they take it, the car will be sold at auction and you will be sent a nice big bill to pay for the difference in the loan amount and the auction sales price.

Oh yes, take all your personal stuff out of the car now. At least the stuff you would miss if the car was snatched back by them.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.
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20 thoughts on “How Long Does it Take Toyota Financial Services to Repossess a Car? – Tammy”

  1. Look, i work in legal field. Put your car as i am doing, (for my sister in law) who they do not at all know where i live, thank God. Damn voltures @ SOUTHEAST TOYOTA. She has her car in my private property GARAGE. TOYOTA can’t repo a car that is in a HOMEOWNER/CONDO and or a PH private house garage. I did it for my other brother and they did not get his car at all.Was in a garage for about 5 long happy months. Then,he was making pymt., on it when he got taxes back,and a bonus at a new job,for selling his 2nd home in 3 months,all worked out. I know the law. Do not a repossession crappy company scare ya. But try to borrow money or take a third fourth second job if warranted, just get the, and or try to find a company to pay off the car loan at crappy toyota southeast,to get another car. Good luck, and remember a “garage is key.” Legally able to do what i did for fam members,and both are better off. If the man or woman knock on door?You’re NOT force to open it. They also can’t bang on your door like a cop.they are not a cop period.and even cop has to have a warrant to enter. Put a cam @ your front/side door/back to “catch him turning the locked door.” You then can have repossession man arrested After a few knocks he has to leave also< and learn your law and good luck everyone

  2. I was three payments behind and I move never change my address they found me took my car and getting it back is hell I tell u $20 a day 3 months of payments plus oh another month payment that came due the 22 day I was able to pay my car off to get it back plus repo fees and I have to pay to get my personal belongs back on top of that the repo they deal treat u like shit when I get back on my feet I will never deal with them again


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