I’m Trying to Buy a House But I Have a Judgment Against Me. – Tony


“Dear Steve,

I dont understand what you are wanting to know on this.

Ok short story im buying a house. The title company tells me there is a judgement against me the judgement was put on Nov 30 1999 so i called the company they have no clue what Im talking about and im not in collections. I live in washington state from what I have read about the statue of limitations i beat this. Am I right and if so how do I get this judgement off record?


Dear Tony,

You’ll need to go to the source. Get a recent copy of your credit report. On your credit report it will typically list the court case and cort where the judgment against you was obtained. Armed with that information you should contact the court and purchase a copy of the case records.

Those records will tell you exactly who was awarded the judgment against you and you can then contact them to either pay the judgment or get a letter from them saying the judgment was satisfied.


Steve Rhode
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