I Lived in California and Had a Debt I Did Not Pay. I Now Live in New Jersey. – Monika


“Dear Steve,

I lived in California when I incurred credit card debt of $1300 in 2003. In 2005, I got married and moved to Texas and have been uemployed since then to pursue higher education.

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In 2009, I moved to New Jersey and started getting mails and phone calls from a collection agency regarding $1300 debt. I ignored them and now I received a letter saying that I’m getting sued. I am still unemployed and don’t know what to do. My name has been changed since then and my bank account was opened in Texas with new married last name. I got sued under my maiden name.

What is the next step after getting sued by creditor? Can I get sued for debt that was incurred in California while I live in NJ now? What is the statute of limitation?


Dear Monika,

If seems that the one point of this situation is that you admit that you did incur a $1,300 debt six years ago and have not made an attempt to repay it.

You said that you don’t know what to do. You should follow these steps.

  1. Being sued is not something to be taken lightly. You should really talk to a lawyer that is licensed in the state you are being sued in for specific legal advice.
  2. You should not disregard any correspondence about this debt, especially from the court if you are sued. If you are sued and you don’t respond to the suit you will lose by default.
  3. If you determine that the suit is valid you have two ways to clear this debt:
    • Bankruptcy
    • Negotiate a payment plan on it to avoid being sued.

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