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“Dear Steve,

My situation is really bad but the problem is that I live in the UAE in Abu Dhabi the capital. If I asked my question is it possible that you can still help? Because I asked lots of companies and they only make a consolidation in the USA. I have a debt of over $100000 (from credit cards and a loan) and because of that I can’t get pregnant, because if i got pregnant I’ll lose my job. I can’t even buy a car. So if you can help me please let me know and I’ll send any documents you need to find a solution for me. Thanks.

Can you help me even if I’m in Abu Dhabi?


Dear Malak,

Up until recently the UAE and Abu Dhabi had been an only upwardly growing part of the world. Consumer credit was made easily available and for such an advanced financial center, Abu Dhabi and the UAE have created quite a consumer debt sand trap.

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In fact, debit cards are only reaching the UAE now, there are no credit checks for loans, poor or little screening for the granting of credit is in place and now worries are that with the economic slowdown that is impacting the world, that consumers in the UAE are going to find themselves in terrible trouble.

The bad news is that this is a relatively new experience for the UAE and there are no real solutions to help people deal with their problem debt. Consumer debt help and solutions are typically in place due to the laws of each country. Countries around the world like Australia, the United States and The United Kingdom, for example, all have different approaches when it comes to consumer debt.

Reaching beyond your borders in the UAE for a local debt solution is not going to be a viable approach. You will need to search for a solution that is recognized by local lenders or recognized under UAE law.

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It seems to me what you are facing is two separate problems. The first is the debt, the second is the desire to get pregnant. From what you’ve said, no matter what type of solution you put in place for the debt, you will still lose your job if you get pregnant. That problem seems insurmountable.

Regarding the debt, the UAE does have insolvency laws that may allow you to discharge your debt if you are in a situation where you can no longer support the repayment of the debt. But judges in the UAE can actually jail debtors that they feel have abused their credit with criminal intent. Debtors can be fined or jailed for up to three years.

I would advise you to seek legal advice for your debt situation in the United Arab Emirates before you do anything.

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