I’m Addicted to Your Podcast MoneyHelp. – Mykell


“Dear Steve,

I am addicted to your podcast and now I can’t find any updated ones!

Did you guys stop doing MoneyHelp podcasts in April of 2007 or are they now hosted somewhere other than itunes? MoneyHelp really did help me get on a positive path to grabbing hold of my finances and head in the right direction. Thanks so much for all the information you have shared (and continue to share)….I hope to hear you and Jim podcasting again VERY soon! Have a fabulous day! Still having that boring baked potato for lunch…hope yours was better! *hugs back*


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Dear Mykell,

Jim and I did stop doing the MoneyHelp podcast back in April of 2007.

We kind of hit a wall and needed a bit of a break. Who knew the break would be so long and permanent.

Jim and I have moved in different directions and I do miss him. Jim is still in the Uk and I’m back in the U.S.

The same focus that we had on our show, answering questions, and giving help, is the same thing I do every day here on the GetOutofDebt.org site.

As you can tell by listening to those old shows, we sure had a lot of fun doing them.


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