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I Owe Money For a Criminal Case, Court Fees and Fines From 11 Years Ago. – Gary


“Dear Steve,

I had a criminal case with the fines and court costs of 233$ Over the last 11 yrs this debt was owed and I didnt know it…On the 11th yr a collection agency contacted me saying that I owe this money plus his interest and fee’s…I have anotice from the office of the SHERIFF SERVICE DEPT IN THE CITY and was told no papers were ever served and I was never notified of this debt and I was faxed information pertaining this is true….

My specific question is does this case fall in the Statue of liminations laws???
Also does’nt the city have to contact me at least one time in that 11 yr period before sending me off to collections…???

I find it hard to believe the city waited 11 yrs to collect a debt but it seemed to have heppened.. Also information you might need to know this case was renewed via certified letter in 2007 the case origonated and the fines occured in 1996 please advise..


Dear Gary,

Under the statute of limitations a creditor may no longer have the right to sue you to collect a debt, but they can certainly attempt to collect on it forever.

I don’t know what state you live in to see if it might be a time barred debt or a debt under the statute of limitations. You would need to speak to a lawyer that is licensed in your state to get a specific legal opinion about this debt and any limitation on it.

You will need to weigh the cost of hiring a lawyer versus paying the debt to see if it might just be more cost effective to pay the $233 that is claimed against you.

One thing is for certain, now that this has surfaced, you will need to address it or it will be a thorn in your side. Don’t ignore it, deal with it.

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