I Don’t Want to Pay Stupid Credit Card Overlimit Fees And Charges. – Melissa

“Dear Steve,

I have 2 credit cards that I haven’t paid since August. Now my debt is almost 5000 since most is from over limit, late payment and finance charges. I was able to get one credit card to accept 50 a month at 0% for the next 12 months. Obviously i am hoping to pay more over the course of the year. My other card on the other hand is not so helpful. I was paying every month but could not get away from there over limit fee. Then I just stopped paying. I am not in a financial situation where I can pay a large amount. They were willing to settle for half the balance in two payments. I want to work this out but I also don’t want to pay for all of these stupid charges. What are my options at this point?

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Dear Melissa,

It is up to the creditor to determine what fees and charges they may waive. The fees and charges that you object to are part of the cardholder agreement you signed and agreed to when you got the card.

Your solution will come down to negotiations. You will either be able to persuade them to waive those fees or you might want to get professional debt settlement help.

Just realize, what you are asking for is some consideration on their part to waive fees and charges they are within their right to charge. The sweeter you can make the offer so they paid as fast as possible, the more of a chance you have to get them to bend a bit.

It seems to me that the offer they gave you of 50% over two payments is a pretty sweet deal.

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