How Can I Get Out of Debt? – Chris

“Dear Steve,

I have about $2,000 in medical debt and about $1500 in other debts , wondering how i can get out?


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2 thoughts on “How Can I Get Out of Debt? – Chris”

  1. Chris,

    Not knowing what your full finacial situation looks like, here is the advise I would give to you.

    Call and talk with your doctors office/hospital. If these bills are due to denied claims you can ask them for a reduced rate or a payment plan. Most offices understand that you are not going to be able to pay off such a large bill at once. And if this is your portion I of a bill I would again call the office and talk with the Billing Manager about a payment plan.

    If you are dealing with multiple credit cards the best way to pay them off is to take your smallest card and pay it off first, then roll that payment into your next lowest card. Don’t miss payments on any other cards as that will hurt your credit in the long run. In the course of a couple of years you will see your debt decrease if not completely gone. The trick is to not use you cards once they are paid off.

    Because in todays world Credit is a very important item, the best way to help yourself for the future is to keep your lowest interest rate card and get rid off all the others. Call the credit card agency and ask them to reduce your credt to no more than $300-$500 dollars and then allocate this card for gas or groceries only. Know what your budged amount is per month and then stick to it. Then twice a month pay it all the way down. The goal is to show that you can put money on and then take it off. Never let the balance go above 2/3rds of the card value as that will reflect badly.

    I hope this information might help you.



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