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My Husband Doesn’t Seem Worried That He Lost His Job. I’m Freaking Out. – Tina

“Dear Steve,

My husband just lost his job two days ago. I am stay at home mom and have stopped working since 2002. We only have $13000 savings and a $1000 monthly mortgage. I have already started submitting my resumes so I could get work too. My husband seems to be nonchalant about it and I am at edge over the situation? I really don’t know what to do.


Dear Tina,

I can certainly understand your feelings of stress and worry. The good news here is that you have money in savings and you have prepared, better than 90% of consumers.

Since your husband just lost his job two days ago, maybe what you all need is just to relax and take it easy for a week and then start focusing on looking for a replacement job.

Taking a deep breath and some time away from the problem at hand, is a good thing when done in moderation.

But ultimately I think you should sit down with your husband and discuss how you feel and ask him what his plans are to deal with this situation and how you can both deal with this situation together.

It is just so refreshing to get a question from someone that did a great job saving, is not facing foreclosure in the near future and has all sorts of great opportunities and possibilities in front of them. You don’t realize how luck you are.

I’m not discounting the stress you might be feeling, and it is easy for me to say, but just have a chat with your husband about this and both agree to take a brief mental break before you jump back in to reality.

Thinks will work out fine.


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