Cockburn and Associate – Consumer Complaint – October 1, 2013

Consumer Statement:

I entered into a Debt Settlement agreement with Silverthorn and Lupolover it was taken over by Cockburn and Associate.

I’ve paid them almost $7000 and from my perspective they’ve not negotiated with any of my creditors.

In February this year I received a letter from CCI financial Inc offering me a settlement for my debt with MBNA. I was instructed by Cockburn and Associate not to communicate with my creditors so I sent the letter to them straight away. I received an email from Cockburn and Ass. in May telling me their negotiator has reached a settlement with CCL financial on behalf of MBNA it was for the exact same amount presented to me 4 months prior.

At that time I had given Cockburn almost $5000 but I found out I only had $1640 in my account to pay this debt. To say I was angry would be an understatement. They assured me that had done their best and had gotten the best settlement they could. There is no record of Cockburn communicating with CCI Financial Prior to May 14. ( I called and asked) They assured me that if I keep paying into my trust they would be able to settle my other debts.

In June I was served a notice with intent to file suit from a Law Firm Representing Capital One. Again, I sent the letter and the Plaintiff’s Claim to Cockburn and Ass. asking /pleading for some assistance and guidance. My client representative at the time said he could not do that because it would cost him his job.

I, on my own, filed a claim of defense , they rejected it and a court date was set for September 25th. I contacted my client rep several times by email and by phone asking if they’ve come to any kind of settlement with Capital One. He said the “negotiator” had contacted them and they were waiting for a response. I week before my court date I contacted the Law Firm myself….they had no record of anybody from Cockburn and Associate contacting them ever.

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The last phone conversation I had with my client representative he said I would be lucky to settle at 80% of the debt (which had now crept up to $12,000 from $9,000) and if I had any extra money I should send it to them. If I had the extra money…I wouldn’t need a Debt Settlement Company.

My original agreement was for a 30 month term 352.00/month. They made it sound like after 30 months all my debts would be settled. I settled the Capital One account in court and the settled the third and Final account with JP Morgan Chase Bank through National Recover Centre who also told me no one from Cockburn and Associate had ever contacted them on my behalf.

Consumer Action Taken:

I’ve written a letter of complaint to their head office asking for a refund and a date in which I would like a response.

Date This Problem Happened: May 16, 2013

State You Live in: Ontario, Canada

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $6,800

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Company Name: Cockburn and Associate

Company Address:

140 Young St suite 214
Toronto, Ontario M5C 1X6

Company Telephone Number: 866-551-8349

Website of Company: clegal.ca

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