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Reader Want to Know if Performance Settlement Recruitment / Sales Claims are True


A reader and tipster (send in your tips here) in the debt settlement industry sent us an email they recently received from Performance Settlement, an AFCC member.

The email made some recruiting performance claims that should be a snap for Performance Settlement to respond to and verify.

This issue isn’t so much a consumer issue foremost but an issue to protect affiliates that might want to explore such a relationship. Does it hurt to verify the claims? Can that possibly hurt the industry?

The Recruitment Email

From: Kemper Elliot []
Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Subject: 15 Reasons Why This is the Most Profitable Telephone Sales Service/Product Any Where!

No license for branch or individual required by sales affiliate (Parent Company supports All)

100% compliant licensed and bonded by each state and FTC compliant

Intake and Approval is all done electronically through PS robust software real time

Cash flow positive in 8 months

Average Pay per rep on above scenario is 7-10k monthly

Net Revenue per desk starting month one is 30k a month conservative

Average desk is only required to close 20 units a month to meet this goal

Cost per Acquisition Between 500-700 with Avg. Debt Load 30k plus being only metric
that must be met to achieve these goals

Total intake is 7 E-Signatures with full paperless technology

No other documentation required from sales affiliate other than E-Signature Doc’s

Once E-Signature is completed sales affiliate has completed their total function

Approval process is 100% completed by PS within 24 hours or less

No start up costs by sales affiliate as PS infrastructure handles everything

65k desk cost total per desk

100% of initial 65k investment paid back in 15 months

Call or E-Mail Performance Settlement Today!
CALL 888-249-1599

Anyone See Any FTC or CFPB Issues?

Not wanting to influence debt relief readers I’d love for you to post your comments if you see any problematic claims made in the recruitment email above.

If Performance Settlement can backup their sales claims this might just be the best piece of free advertising they got for their recruitment efforts.

Performance Settlement Has Been Asked to Comment Here

I’ve reached out to the folks over at Performance Settlement and asked them to comment on this post and provide supporting documentation for their performance claims.

The Performance Settlement Website

Performance Settlement claims to be located at 4940 Campus Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660. – Source

Performance Settlement is a registered California LLC and registered on August 27, 2013, Just two months ago. That makes me wonder how they have such a track record of sales affiliate performance claims if they are only about 60 days old?

The was registered in July, 2013 and is registered to Daniel Crenshaw.

Performance Settlement is a member of AFCC. – Source

I can always use your help. If you have a tip or information you want to share, you can get it to me confidentially if you click here.