How Do I Locate All My UK Debts? – Edward

“Dear Jon,

I want to pay off any and all debts in full against my name in the UK, all debts were incurred in England in the late 80’s. I have been resident in the Middle East since 1995. I have been married and divorced in the UK and now wish to start afresh.

How do I find a list of all debts against my name. There may be CCJ’s going back to late 1980”s.
When I’m aware of the debts, how is the best way to clear them?




While I applaud your desire and efforts to repay the debts you left behind, due to the time that has passed, they may have been written off or statute barred.

When was the last contact you had with any of the creditors you owe?

When did you leave the UK? Have you ever returned to live here for a period of time?

Are the debts in just your name?

Has anyone, meaning family member here in the UK, contacted you to mention they have been contacted or received any post from any of your creditors?

At this point trying to find out who you may have owed is very difficult. Even getting a copy of your credit history here can be difficult as you no longer live here. In addition, everything drops off your credit history after six (6) years.

Are you intending to return to the UK?

Why now do you want to clear the debts? And do you have the means to do so?

Get back to me and we will look at this in more detail.



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