Fidelity Land Trust, Ed Cherry Issue Getting More Bizarre

Update – September 27, 2019

Today I received the following email purportedly on behalf of Paul Gellenbeck.

“We are respectfully at this time contacting you on behalf of our client Mr. Paul Gellenbeck, with respect to your URL posting as listed hereinbelow. We are at this time making a respectful request for you to REMOVE the URL. We are not attorneys. He has informed us that the content in the URL is slanderous, defamatory and not true material against him. He has a Copyright provision filed regarding these matters. The charges were dropped by the state attorney’s office and settled




The Hartford Land Trust Company, LLC & The Cambridge Land Trust Company, LLC – Consumer Complaint – 10-6-2012


We appreciate this initial opportunity to work with you and request your amicable cooperation in the resolution of this matter. Mr. Gellenbeck has expressed interest in retaining his attorney to file action if this cannot be resolved cordially and will seek monetary damages which could include legal fees, court costs, and punitive damages.

Generally speaking, we as the general public, believe your website gives very valuable information to the public at large and Mr. Gellenbeck wishes you no ill will.

We are sure, however, that you also understand that Mr. Gellenbeck has told us that he believes that he, on his own behalf, wishes to zealously protect and preserve his reputation. We are therefore making the request for your amicable assistance in this matter as Mr. Gellenbeck believes that it is not your intent to cause him any harm. We thank you for the opportunity to have reached out to you in this regard.

Govern yourself accordingly,”

I attempted to verify the claims made in the email above since I always strive to publish factual information.

On May 22, 2019, a document was filed in the Seventh Judicial Circuit Court in and for Broward County Florida. An attorney for Paul Gennenbeck filed the below document in court on his behalf.

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On May 23, 2019, a Report of Mediation document was filed with the court that indicates “the result of the Mediation” is Settled.

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I could not find any public document that provides facts regarding the mediation settlement.

Original Post – November 26, 2013

Today a tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following documents in the case of the State of Florida against Ed Cherry and the Fidelity Land Trust “debacle.” – Source

Apparently Cherry’s attorney is trying to back the hell out representation and Cherry is having none of that.

According to Cherry’s filed objection he claims attorney Peter Snyder is more involved in this than other may think.

The document states:

“Attorney Peter J. Snyder and Edward Cherry entered into a business transaction whereby Attorney Peter J. Snyder agreed to represent Edward Cherry and Nicole Pacheco in consideration of Attorney Peter J. Snyder being authorized to solicit all of Fidelity Land Trust Company, LLC clients and convert them to foreclosure defense clients.

Attorney Peter J. Snyder and Edward Cherry also agreed that in consideration of Peter J. Snyder representing Nicole Pacheco and Edward Cherry in this matter, Edward Cherry would pay for the overhead costs (rent, telephone, internet and a paralegal) of Attorney Peter J. Snyder’s law firm.

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Peter J. Snyder was allowed to solicit Fidelity Land Trust Company, LLC clients, did solicit said clients, and is currently collecting an excess of $30,000 in legal fees from said clients each month.

On or around October 28, 2013 Attorney Peter J. Snyder demanded $5000 per month from Edward Cherry in lieu of Edward Cherry paying Attorney Peter J. Snyder’s overhead for his law firm.

Edward Cherry declined citing the business transaction discussed above and in response, Attorney Peter J. Snyder and Attorney Michael Liss moved out of the offices being paid for by Edward Cherry and started their own firm, Snyder & Liss with the $30,000 monthly legal fees generated from the former quiet title clients.

On November 22, 2013, Attorney Peter J. Snyder filed a motion to withdraw citing that Edward Cherry failed to substantially fulfill his obligations. This allegation is false and a blatant misrepresentation to this Court.

Accordingly, Attorney Snyder should not be let out of this action and should be ordered to diligently represent his clients’ interests, especially since Attorney Peter J. Snyder participated directly in the legal services that are the subject matter of the plaintiff’s action.” – Source

But that’s not all. Cherry appears to spill even more details of the Florida Land Trust issue with his complaint he filed against Snyder with the Florida Bar.

Quick, someone find a bus to toss Snyder under.

Cherry says:

“Beginning in as early as August 2011, I an attorney Peter J. Snyder entered into a business relationship wherein Peter J. Snyder, myself and Paul Gellenbeck discussed the pro-active filing of lawsuits against banks in order to cancel or otherwise annul a recorded mortgage based upon the fact that F.S. 701.02 prohibits the enforcement of a mortgage unless the assignment of mortgage was duly recorded.

Attorney Snyder indicated that such a claim was a viable cause of action and that the statute was clear on it s face and no case law existed to the contrary. In response, Attorney Snyder instructed that a title search should be performed and based upon the search; an opinion letter should be drafted. Attorney Snyder indicated that the only issue was separation of title from the parties to the mortgage.

In response, we researched the Florida Land Trust Act that appeared to be the resolution. Under this Act, legal and equitable title is vested in the Trustee, and not the beneficiaries or the mortgagee. Attorney Snyder said that if I could find another attorney to file the underlying action, Attorney Snyder would represent the client in the event that a foreclosure occurred.

During the period of time 2011 until August, 2012, members of the public were contacted by lawyer referral services and informed that Final Judgments had been obtained quieting title to realty and otherwise canceling the mortgage.

On September 25, 2012, The Attorney General Filed an action against myself and others that relied upon Attorney Snyder’s legal advice alleging that the legal theory as presented was unfair and deceptive.

Attorney Snyder agreed to represent me under the following terms:

1. Attorney Snyder would be able to solicit each and every quiet title client in order to represent them for a fee for $400 – $500 per month keeping the entire legal fees; and

2. I would pay the overhead of Attorney Snyder’s law firm to include rent, telephone, internet and a paralegal Nicole Pacheco, a co-defendant in the action above.

I agreed and Attorney Snyder began soliciting quiet title clients and setting them up on a monthly recurring legal fee of $400 – $500 per month with monthly deposits now as much as $30,000.

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I also agreed to pay Attorney Snyder’s overhead in an amount equal to $4000 per month.

On November 4, 2013, Attorney Snyder moved out of the office that I was covering the overhead and started his own law firm with Attorney Michael Liss, using the monies from the quiet title cases to fund his move.

After moving out, Attorney Snyder demanded the I pay him $2500 every two weeks (an amount that Attorney Michael Liss was receiving) in consideration of him representing a co-defendant that no longer had an attorney representing him. I declined.

In response, Attorney Snyder sent me an email demanding that I execute a retainer agreement for the Attorney General Action (because none was executed given the business transaction he entered into with me) . The retainer require that I pay him $250 per hour and made no reference to the business transaction previously entered into.

I declined and thought it irreprehensible that since I was not paying his overhead at his new law offices that he would change the deal. I also indicated that two years ago, we entered into a written retainer agreement for another matter wherein he agreed to an hourly rate of $189.00 per month.

In response, he now demanded $5000 up front and $30,000 per month. I told him I would meet to discuss, but I thought that he was taking advantage of a business relationship and that at the end of the day, “Advice of Counsel” was never raised as an affirmative defense in the Attorney General Lawsuit.

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It became obvious why he never raised the Affirmative Defense of advice of counsel, because he was the attorney that provided me and Paul Gellenbeck legal advice.

I believe that Attorney Snyder has taken advantage of a business relationship with me and has provided inadequate counsel because he is the attorney that advised me and other co-defendants that F.S. 701.02 was a viable means of cancelling or otherwise annulling a recorded mortgage.

On November 22, 2013 Attorney Snyder filed a motion to withdraw and set for hearing Monday, December 2, 2013 on UMC.

I believe that he should not be allowed to withdraw.

Witnesses: Paul Gellenbeck, Nicole Pacheco, Lawrence Diodato, Martin Werner, John Webberly, Howard Feinmel, and Steve Lankau are all witnesses.” – Source

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  1. I told you that these pricks would trip over themselves to rat each other out. There is no honor among thieves and Ed Cherry, Larry Diodato, Howard Feinmel, Paul Gallenbeck, Jad Haydin etc are all f*cking thieves, liars, con men and all around scumbags. I love Cherry’s argument …my attorney said it was ok for us to perpetuate this fraud so he is the bad guy not us. Too funny


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