What is Free Credit Report Monitoring and How to Get It

There is no shortage of issues that abound when it comes to credit reports. Between worrying if the correct information is being reported about you to what might be going on with your credit report behind your back, you have to remain ever vigilant.

There many places where you can pay for credit report monitoring but I like to recommend this service because they offer free credit report monitoring. Granted this is not a three bureau credit monitoring service but it can give you a heads up to many things you’d otherwise not be aware of.

It’s a good idea to monitor your credit report to catch any wiff of identity theft as soon as possible. The sooner you find you may have been a victim of identity theft, the sooner you can stop the issue from exploding into a financial nightmare.

Free Credit Monitoring

You should also keep tabs on your credit report and score so you can make sure there are no surprises before you make a big upcoming purchase. There’s no reason to be surprised at the last minute to some item on your credit report that might hold you back.

Maybe you have a roommate or you are in a relationship then you should absolutely monitor your credit report for free to make sure there isn’t any dangerous activity on it. Roommates and others you may live with have easy access to your personal information.

If you have an elderly parent you might be worried about, with their permission you can monitor their credit report to help keep them safe.

It could be you have a common name then you should absolutely monitor your credit report so information from other similarly named people does wind up on your credit report.

My debt friends Gerri Detweiler and Michael Bovee joined me to help make this video on creditor monitoring to help you get the most out of this free service.


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