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Jacoby & Meyers Bankruptcy Goes Dark

Written by Steve Rhode

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in a message about the Jacoby & Meyers Bankruptcy site had a strange message on it. For those that might not remember, Jacoby & Meyers Bankruptcy was created when Macey Bankruptcy Law merged with Jacoby & Meyers.

As of right now the Jacoby & Meyers website is essentially gone. It does have the following message on the stark site:

If you are an active client of Jacoby Meyers Bankruptcy your client file has been transferred to the below attorney’s office. You should have received notice via email, regular mail as well as certified mail. The attorneys below have agreed to take on your file and will honor all fees paid, terms and conditions as outlined in your retainer agreement with our firm.

Wow, that’s a shocker. It was just in July 2012 that I reported on the merger of the two groups and at that time the Jacoby & Meyers Bankruptcy division’s Managing Partner Jeff Aleman said, “We are pleased with this move to combine the efforts of our two firms to better serve our current and prospective clients.” Jacoby & Meyers Bankruptcy Law’s Chicago-based administrative office located in the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) will remain in place to serve bankruptcy clients, with the anticipation of expanding Jacoby & Meyers’ personal injury practice in the Chicago area. Major regional hubs of Jacoby & Meyers’ office system, including New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Miami, as well as the 135 other regional and local offices will also serve clients needing bankruptcy advice along with the other consumer legal services currently offered by Jacoby & Meyers.” – Source

The site says “If you have any questions please call the attorney’s office associated with your location below:”

CALIFORNIA: Unfiled Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases: Price Law Group – 818.995.4540 ext. 1246
>> Filed Chapter 13 cases in Glendale and Long Beach: Rex Tran – 949.328.6392
>> Filed Chapter 13 cases in Riverside: Candace Arroyo – 714.466.4112

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CHICAGO: Law office of Jason Blust – [email protected] – 312-636-0797

CINCINNATI: R. Michael Smith – 513.621.2044 or 513.769.3700

DAYTON: Christopher Owen – 937.298.6518

DENVER: Law Office of Jason Blust –[email protected] – 303-798-4663

DETROIT: Leigh & Laruwe, PLC – 248.353.3101

FORT WAYNE: Law Offices of Jason R. Moseley – 219.472.8391

GEORGIA: Khano & Associates – 404.522.6031

GRAND RAPIDS: Mary Saur Cohn, PLLC – 616.647.9028

GREEN BAY: Murphy Law Firm, LLC – 920.560.4523

HOUSTON: Acosta Law Firm – 713.980.9014

INDIANAPOLIS AND LAFAYETTE: Perez & Perez – – 317-634-5968
>> NORTHERN INDIANA (Merrillville, South Bend, Fort Wayne): Law Offices of Jason R. Moseley – 219.472.8391

KANSAS: Law offices of Steven Long – 816.388.0384

MADISON: Murphy Law Firm, LLC – 608.819.5802

MERRILLVILLE: Law Offices of Jason R. Moseley – 219.472.8391

MIAMI: Law Office of Jason Blust – [email protected] – 305-646-1460

MILWAUKEE: Consumer Advocates of WI – 414.301.2192

MINNESOTA: Anderson & Associates – 651.464.8510

NEW JERSEY: Jeffrey Maguire – 212.867.1940

PHILADELPHIA: Cappio & Gigliotti – 267.758.2540

PHOENIX: Bellah Perez – 602.252.9937

PITTSBURGH: The Debt Doctors – 412.395.6001

ORLANDO: Chapter 7 cases: Law office of Amy Perez – 407.398.9663

ORLANDO: Chapter 13 cases: Law office of Carol Galloway – 904.307.4579

SEATTLE: GHG Law Group – 206.770.0444

SOUTH BEND: Law Offices of Jason R. Moseley – 219.472.8391

ST. LOUIS: Andrew Magdy & Associates – 314.802.8328

TAMPA: Debt Relief Legal Group – 813.231.2088 – Source


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  • My sister, in NJ , paid Jacoby and Meyers almost $5,000 in 2012 to start bankruptcy proceedings. Their small business had gone under, and they owed American Express $10,000. She hadn’t heard anything from them in a year (except for excuses) and then received a letter stating that the office she had been dealing with was filing for bankruptcy itself. Now her creditor, American Express (which would have been covered under the bankruptcy) have put a lien on her home, which is worth way more than $10,000. She still has her signed contract with J&M. Does she have no recourse?

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