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Is Consumer Assistance Project Spoofing a Nonprofit Past?

Written by Steve Rhode

I received the following email from a Marlene Funk regarding an article from September, 2013 titled Consumer Assistance Project Website Raises Real Concerns. Be Careful.

Marlene Funk was the organizer of the original company the student loan assistance company Consumer Assistance Project grew from.

Ms. Funk stated, “I created Non-Profit Guardian Services, which has nothing to do wih Consumer Assistance Project, Corp, other than they hijacked my closed company.

I worked for the 17th Judicial Circuit Court in Fort Lauderdale, for 30 years. Almost 9 in the Courts and a little over 20 as a Court Appointed Guardian, specializing on elderly abuse, neglect and exploitation.

I filed Voluntary Dissolution on 12/26/12, along with my other company, Export Guardian Services, Inv. that I formed in 1992.

After two surgeries, I decided to retire and in February of 2013 I moved to Ecuador. Imagine my surprise when two days ago, I heard from one of my appointed Directors that someone had filed a revocation and reopened my company.

That director just happened to be judicial counsel for the judges, when we were all at the court house. So I pulled all the documents from Florida Division of Corporations and there they were and they signed my name to them. You can even tell that one signature is copied. So I am not real happy and definitely not done with them.”

I’ll let you decide for yourselves if the story is true. Here is the revocation Marlene refers to and here is the reinstatement.

The signature Marlene Funk says is hers.

The signature Marlene Funk says is her real signature.

The signature Marlene Funk says is faked.

The signature Marlene Funk says is faked.

On September 18, 2013 Back Office Law announced their name change and non-profit status in a press release. – Source


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