Reader Sends n Student Loan Relief Group Mailer That Concerns Her

An amazing reader FTC Investigator sent in a new debt relief mailer through my I Buy Junk Mail program.

The reader said this about the submission:

“This is a very misleading letter as it states that I am eligible for the student loan reform act. It implies that there is some sort of government program that I have been pre-qualified for to reduce my payments. It does not state the name of the company in a conspicuous way, but instead gives the names of 3 companies in the fine print below; Academic Loan Solutions, Orion Acceptance Corp and SLRG, which I found to be Student Loan Relief Group located in Costa Mesa, CA.

I checked my credit report and I do have a promotional inquiry from Orion Acceptance an auto loan company, but this solicitation is being made by Student Loan Relief Group.

The disclosures nor does the letter make a firm offer of credit for a student loan for a specific loan amount, but instead for a payment, which is incorrect and in violation of FCRA.

The name of the company that answered the phone was Student Loan Relief Group. I went to their website at Upon calling I received the names of the owners of Student Loan Relief Group. They are Erick Graziano, Brian Wick and Troy Davis. I then googled their names and apparently Erick Graziano has been convicted of crimes by the FTC in the past.

I also contacted Orion Acceptance Corp. I was unable to find information on Academic Loan Solutions. Orion’s website seems to show that they are some sort of auto loan company, which has nothing to do with student loans. I visited their website and also went to and called them, but it just goes to an automated voicemail, which is odd.

Please forward this letter to the governing authorities as this fraud and illegal activity needs to stop.

Lastly I noticed that some letter was mailed by another company on your website for student loans. The disclosures language looks the same and is also from this Orion Acceptance.”

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NOTE: It appears the financing offer is only for financing the service fee for the student loan relief company and has nothing to do with the student loans themselves. Was sent out by Postal Permit 1297 out of Sacramento.

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This offer was able to be reviewed because a kind reader sent it in via my I Buy Junk Mail program.

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1 thought on “Reader Sends n Student Loan Relief Group Mailer That Concerns Her”

  1. Steve,

    A company called United Student Loan Center called me, after I put in some minor information into an add on Facebook about loan forgiveness. They went on to tell me all about them, their accredited with the BBB (A+) and they have my SSN and birth date, along with my FAFSA.

    I went on the website, only to find they aren’t accredited, and it says they are out of business. Am I being paranoid and looking in the wrong place? I changed my FAFSA right away, but I’m worried about my other information.

    My contact was Jennifer Lacott, 1800 268 7078 ext. 1004.

    Please, any help or guidance would be welcome. I think I may be screwed.


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