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Free Student Loan Money for Veterinarians

Written by Steve Rhode

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, has announced there is money available in fiscal year 2014 for their Veterinary Medicine Loan Program (VMLRP).

Veterinarians eligible must serve in two ares: (1) geographical areas that the USDA Secretary determines have a shortage of veterinarians; and (2) areas of veterinary practice that the Secretary determines have a shortage of veterinarians, such as food animal medicine, public health, epidemiology, and food safety. Priority should be given to agreements with veterinarians for the practice of food animal medicine in veterinarian shortage situations.

Student loan repayments under this program may consist of payments of the principal and interest on government, private and commercial loans received by the individual for the attendance of the individual at an accredited college of veterinary medicine resulting in a degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine or the equivalent.

But it’s not just the student loans which are eligible to be covered. Loans eligible for repayment include educational loans made for one or more of the following: Loans for tuition expenses; other reasonable educational expenses, including fees, books, and laboratory expenses, incurred by the individual; and reasonable living expenses as determined by the Secretary.

Up to $25,000 per year can be paid to approved applicants.

More information on this program and the application can be downloaded here.


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