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How Do I Deal With This Old Debt from the Collection Agency? – Tai

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

A collection agency is reporting that I opened a credit card in 2011. I was actually totally unable to get credit by 2011 because in graduate school I became unemployed and had some serious financial problems. I think this is a debt from 2004. Is there anything I can do about this?

Thanks in advance. I am trying now to work on my credit and reestablish financial stability.


Dear Tai,

Sounds like a relatively easy matter to take care of if this is truly just a misreported date.

Read How to Dispute and Ask a Debt Collector to Validate a Debt.

Once they update and validate the debt, which should correct the reporting date then it will come off your credit report since it has been longer than 7.5 years since it was fire negatively reported.

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  • I got a loan with web loan and agreed to make payment I ask the young lady who called me to send some thing in the mail with and address or a western union code so I can send them the payment she was very rude her name Is Michelle H. She ask me for a Debt Card I said no I need proof of my payment I got that right as a paying person so we word for word so I was like what’s the big deal I am agreeing to pay 1500 hundred dollars in in crament of 500 dollars every month until paid she threaten me with jail time criminal lawsuite someone is coming to arrest me on my job the loan was only a 800 dollars I still have all my copies I printed of the computer of how much the loan was and every day this week from saturday to Wednesday different people from the company is calling me telling me I have 3 cases open against me when u are only allowed one loan at time . All because I ask for an address to send the money to them. I want to pay these people but it seem as thou they have inexperienced people as collector because if it was about the money they would recieved

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