I Am a Single Woman Living in Saudi Arabia With Debt

“Dear Jon,

I am single woman in a very bad situation.I have 1 personal loan of AED 90000 and three credit cards of total value AED 60000/-

I am having a salary of AED 10000/-not able to pay anything and here rent and expenses are much more.I am in a mess please help me out.



I know it is a stressful time, and I will try to help.

I have a few questions to try and clarify your situation and assist me in helping you.

Where country are you currently residing in?

Are you a UK national living abroad, or a citizen of another country?

What are your monthly expenses, not counting the loan and credit cards, just a rough estimate.

How long have you had the loan and credit cards?

Has there been a change in your circumstance that has caused you to now struggle with the accounts?

I know it is a lot of questions, but it will help me in finding a solution for you.



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