Emirates NBD Bank in Dubai is Pursuing Me. What Should I Do?

“Dear Jon,

I left Dubai 6 months ago with an outstanding loan of GBP25k and credit card of GBP8k (converting from AED). I am now living in Geneva but struggling to keep up with the repayments on this debt that i left behind.

Today they sent me this letter:

Dear Sean,

We would like to inform you that despite of our several reminders for payment of the outstanding amount due, your 3 Card Account(s) and on your personal loan still remain unsettled.

As you are in breach of the terms & conditions of your agreement with EmiratesNBD Bank. You are requested to settle your account in full within 24 hours from the date of this notice.

Failure to do so will result in your account being referred for legal action, bearing in mind that all legal costs therefore will be borne by you.

Please call Collection Customer Care Service at (600)540040 for furthur clarification or email us at [email protected] or please call me on my mobile which is

We look forward to hear from you soon.

We look forward to serve you again and assure you of our best attention always.

Minimum Payments Due

1. Diners Credit Card- AED 230

2. Master Credit Card- AED 740

3. Visa Credit Card- AED 5,250

4. Personal Loan- AED 9,900

Retail Collections & Legal
Emirates NBD, “Q” Block – Level 5
Meydan Buildings – Nad Al Sheba 1

Dear Jon,

As Emirates NBD Bank in Dubai is pursing me to make repayments towards the debt i left behind when i move out of Dubai 6 months ago, what should i do?

I would like to repay the debt morally and to avoid any legal matters (even arrest / prison) should i ever have to return to Dubai, but i cannot manage the repayments. In the mean time, the late payment penalties and extra interest charges they continue to add are crippling to the outstanding balance.

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My question is, what danger is posed against me for not repaying the debts I left behind in Dubai. I am now living and working in Europe and don’t plan to go back to Dubai, unless for a holiday (unlikely!)?

Secondly, if i am transparent to the bank and tell them i have now left Dubai, would they offer to restructure the debt and stop charging such horrific interest? in my view they wouldn’t be open to doing so.

For now i am being chased for 2 or 3 months missed repayments, i am seriously considering if i can and if i should repay these debts (i would have to take out new debts to do so!)

Thanks in advance for your view point



Thanks for the detailed information and a copy of the letter, which is just a collection notice.

As for what the bank might be able to do to you in Europe, to my knowledge not much. If the debt(s) get sold onto a collection agency in the country you are now residing in, then they can collect them in accord with the laws of that country.

I would advise not returning to Dubai without making sure no warrants have been issued against you. Personally, even if the police said there were no warrants, I would not return.

Advising the bank you are no longer in Dubai is your choice, it will not change their attempts in trying to collect the accounts. I would doubt they will restructure the loans or stop any interest. As you are experiencing first hand, being in debt in Dubai is not good. The collection laws, and process is not just antiquated, but harsh.

If you can repay the loans or work out a suitable repayment plan, that would be good, but I am doubtful the bank will accept anything short of full payment. Taking out a loan or more debt to pay those debts is not advisable as well. You cannot borrow your way out of debt, and the bank’s ability to collect from you is hindered by you being out of the country.

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I hope this helps and I wish you the best.



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  1. Hi Sean. Firstly good to hear your story. I’ve been dealing with this for 4 years so I can explain the process what is going to happen to you and things you must be ready for.

    Mail me as there are quite a few of us in the same situation and it would be good tk share

    Thanks to Jon for his advice

    [email protected]


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