I Am Now a UK Citizen. Can My Dubai Debt and Bilkish Chase Me?

“Dear Jon,

I left Dubai 12 years ago, I am now citizen in Uk – very recently Bilkish from Philippines is harassing me and keep calling my work place, they wouldn’t stop. They are demanding i pay 6000AED to my account in Dubai which i presumed is now close.

What can I do to stop them from calling my work place, unfortunately they go through switchboard which connects the call to my office.



I am going to assume you are receiving calls at your work place in the UK? Do you know how the firm got your details about where you work?

Unfortunately creditors and collection firms can be quite vigilant in their collection practices and can border on harassment. You can try putting something in writing to them requesting they cease their contact, however with the firm being outside the UK, they may just ignore it. In addition, sometimes contacting collectors back only makes them more determined.

You could speak to a solicitor here in the UK to see what options you may have, perhaps there is a statute of time to collect the debt, but it may be a course of just riding it out.

Do you acknowledge the debt? Can you afford to set-up a repayment scheme?

Unless the debt gets sold onto a UK collection company there is little they can do but continue to phone you.



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