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  • They are still at it

    Trying to collect on a debt that does not exist. When I told them I don;t have any unpaid debts and have never heard of the company they say they are calling for. They threaten To file a court case. Well, I’ll see them in court, file a complaint with FTC and maybe sue them. They were notified to stop calling me. All future calls are being recorded by me. A note of interest. if by chance they do file a suit, be sure to go to court and confront the charge. I was advised by an Attorney to participate in the discovery process. Otherwise they may get a judgment on a non existent loan. By the way, a paralegal can not practice law you can not be put in jail for an unpaid debt. AFS practices Fraud and Extortion.

  • First Robert Dillen if I was anyone else I would be offended by your comment “poor ass niggers” but I know the true description of the word so it does not bother me. But I do agree with you on the fact that there are scammers out there trying to get money from honest working people no matter what race/ gender they are. I am a black professional male who have received the same call here in Florida and they said the same thing to me. I have not had the chance to research the company that’s why I came here to see what others was saying about ASF. And I do appreciate you insight and research into this fraudulent company. Thanks again

  • I was contacted at my work yesterday by fraud investigator agent angela linebac over a credit card I never had back in 2000 saying they would dispatch officers to my house to take me to jail for a felony… fraud but no fraud was committed they had no proof refused to send me any contracts the they said I would be arrested for a felony of grand theft over a $900 purchase to radio shack in 2000… Welp no officer has shown up at my door today… I contacted an attorney of course there is nothing they can do but they are committing crimes I live in Texas you can’t harass over credit cards here and threaten incarceration! I my attorney told her to eat shit and die! This company sickens me!!

  • and the guy that supposedly OWNS the Company has 4 different names … there are 4 people that work there but go by 5 to 6 names to make it seem like they’re a real big company

      • Warren Stevens . Scott walker ..Angela Smith ..Samantha White …they also say they are investigators. but can’t prove they hold any law enforcement degree … they also claim to be trying to collect for a company that bought out MyCashNow …. but when I called that company … they never heard of AFS ….then ask AFS who they work for … an attorney that does not exist … they say AFS has been in business for 26 years … but NO WEB site … and just 18 months ago they went by Century Claims services …. that is till the real CCS found out they were scamming people using their company name

  • Yes I keep getting calls from them .. back when they were Century claims services … funny called the REAL Century claims and they said they would look into it …and then we have them going by ASF …. still the same people ..same group of scammers with the same lie … they bought the defaulted loan and are now trying to collect ..two problems ..1 paid the loan and told them I had proof … they said I was lying and needed to pay my bills ..2 the statue of limitations has expired so even IF I did owe money they have no legal grounds to collect…. they are just a bunch of poor ass niggers looking for fools to pay them

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