I am a Ukrainian Citizen But Stuck in the UAE Because of Debt

“Dear Jon,

I spent 6 years in UAE working in oil/gas sector and had a successful career, good salary and of course, as all people do – I had some loans and credit cards.

The things became horrible, when I accepted new offer from another company in Jan 2014 and had a 1,5 month gap in income until my visa formalities could be arranged. I informed all banks – they agreed to wait.

After the disaster happened in my country (Ukraine) – and I had to spent a lot of money to take my parents and relatives out of war zone. So delay in payments was huge. The banks started to file police cases despite all explanations I gave them. And I ended up jobless, as new company couldnt process final stage of visa etc and with passport held in police, huge visa overstay for wife and a small child.

I tried to contact all humanitarian organizations, charities – but no result. I have a lot of offers from well-known companies – I cannot accept them, as my passport is with police. The total debt is 5 times of my last salary and 4 times of new offered. I dont know what to do…

Is it possible to get out from my situation if all banks are not willing even to talk about it?



I can understand the gravity of your situation, and I have a few questions to start.

Where are you currently living, what country?

You mention the police have your passport, so I am assuming travel is limited? Who holds your passport and where are they located?

Where are your family now, do they have any means to assist you?

Your situation seems to have escalated beyond just a debt/loan issue onto something much more. I would suggest seeking legal advice on how to get your passport back, and if need be you may need to seek out your country’s embassy or consulate for assistance.

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If a police warrant has been issued and your passport is being held, these are bigger issues than trying to repay the loan(s). Depending on where you currently are, the best advice for many people is to flee the country, however without a passport this can be quite difficult.

Get back to me after you speak to a lawyer or legal professional and we can discuss this in more detail.



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