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Take Charge America Deserves Pat on the Back

Written by Steve Rhode

While this appears to be a press release sent out by Take Charge America it still deserves a pat on the back for the nonprofit credit counseling group taking action to defend against bad behavior by debt collectors.

While it is not clear they took specific action against a specific debt collector, at least they are speaking up about consumer debt abuse. However, it would be awesome to see them do more to proactively bring to light bad acts of major creditors.

It seems most nonprofit credit counseling agencies receive funding from the same creditors they remain painfully silent about.

According to the release, “Most third-party debt collectors are paid on commission and receive minimal training, and sometimes they bully people with threatening language,” said Mike Sullivan, director of education for Take Charge America. “However, this behavior is inexcusable and illegal. Consumers who know their rights don’t have to put up with it.”

While very generic, it is refreshing to see a credit counseling group defend consumers.


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