World Law Group Clients, Check You Account Statements

I’ve heard some whispers World Law Group clients are going to be charged fees they’ve never been charged before from money that was returned to them from Global Client Solutions and then forwarded to World Law Group new attorney trust accounts.

I have no idea what those fees might be but this post is just a reminder if you are a World Law Group client you should pay close attention to your monthly statements. If you see new fees or changes in fees being charged or debited from your attorney trust account you should not hesitate in contacting World Law Group and asking for clarification.

If anyone does notice higher or new charges being charged, please contact me or post your observations in the comments below.

Just to be 100 percent clear, I am not saying World Law Group is currently charging fees clients may not have agreed to, I’m just saying clients should keep an eagle eye on upcoming statements to look for any fees they don’t recognize or question. There is no harm to anyone by looking closely at your statements.

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