Will Bilkish Associates Go After Me for My UAE Debt?

“Hello Jon,

I have an unpaid loan of 50k EUR from RAK Bank UAE.

Problem is I really cannot pay it , lost my job in Dubai and back in my country where I am unemployed.

What the Bilkish Associates LLC could really do against me ?



Just a few questions.

What country are you now residing in?

How long have you owed the debt?

What contact have you had with Bilkish and what are they saying? Do you have any of their correspondence?

If you are residing outside the UAE, depending on what country you are now in, the firm will have limited if no authority.

There seems to a lot of confusion from people living in the UK now with debts left back in Dubai as to if they can be chased for payment, and what can happen to them. To my knowledge, unless the debt has been purchased by a collection agency in the country you now reside, any outside collection agency’s authority is limited, and they may no authority at all. They just threaten you.

I have heard of cases where a collection agency stated that since it is a crime, as a warrant is issued in some areas such as Dubai for unpaid debts, this criminal offence carries across state and country borders. Maybe so, but it is not a crime to be in debt in the UK or many other countries, so I am unsure how they come to this conclusion.

Have you sought any legal advice? You may wish to do so.

There is additional information on this site as well.

Let me know, and we can look closer at this.



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7 thoughts on “Will Bilkish Associates Go After Me for My UAE Debt?”

  1. I am not sure my other inquiry posted so sorry if this is a duplicate. I left Kuwait several years ago and live in Florida. I have not worked in two years. This company recently contacted me from Mumbai threatening to arrest and ban me from traveling for about a 12,000 USD credit card debt. I was banned in Kuwait because of this debt but paid a the bank a lump sum before I left and the ban was lifted and I was able to travel. As far as I have been told they can only issue a travel ban in the Gulf country the debt originated namely Kuwait and cannot do anything elsewhere. I contacted the bank again and told them I will contact them when I can make payment. Can anyone advise? thanks.

  2. They are after me too. I have not worked in two years, I made a lump sum payment but still owe them in Kuwait. They placed a ban in Kuwait but i made a payment before I left Kuwait and it was released. I am told despite threats banks cannot impose GCC wide bans only in the specific GCC country where the debt is. Can anyone advise? I already contacted the bank and told them when I am working again I will be in touch.

  3. I’ve received threats that they put my name in the international wanted list “Interpol’ for my debt in Dubai!!! I checked the Interpol website and I found few persons names wanted for unpaid debt in uae!!!

    • As Steve has stated, it is just a threat and a way to scare you. You can always ask whomever is stating this to you to provide actual details, like a link to your name on Interpol’s web site, or something to confirm.

      To put it in a different perspective, look at all that is happening in the world today with major crimes and terror threats, some debts are not a reason to have such an agency track someone down.

      I hope this puts your mind at ease.



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