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Has Practical Debt Relief Gone Poof? Police Confirm Investigation.

Written by Steve Rhode

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following statement:

“Practical Debt Relief is gone. Around $250K was embezzled from the client accounts held by Global Client Solutions. The local police department are investigating which is Davie, Florida.

Global Client Solution closed the accounts of all clients and sent them refunds and a letter explaining. If you call the company you will find the phones are out. Too bad for the clients as some lost a lot of money.”

I attempted to reach Greg Pesetsky at Practical Debt Relief but at the time of this publication there has not been a response. The telephone number on the site just rolls into a fast busy.

I reached out to the Davie, Florida Police Department who confirmed they do have an active investigation at this time. They were unable to offer any additional public comment.

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