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Benjamin Moskel: Why Do People Think You Are a Fat Ass Gambler?

Written by Steve Rhode

Over the years I’ve seen a hell of a lot of strange links to this site. The most bizarre was some porn site that linked to me as the best get out of debt site. Ah, thanks?

I don’t know why people link. But some recent links have to be some of the strangest links I’ve seen.

Apparently someone is running around linking to this page using words like loose weight and online gambling. – Source

Ben, I hate to break the news but it looks like someone has it out for you. I feel your pain. I was once the focus of a negative SEO attack by some real nut jobs, whoever they were.

There are crazy people out there in the world and it looks like the reference to Bennie on this site was about some Federal Trade Commission crackdown on a business opportunity scheme.

According to the FTC, “Benjamin Moskel, a former officer in the corporation, The Online Entrepreneur, will be banned from selling business and work-at-home opportunities.” – Source

But the exact wording of the text to Benjamin Moskel seems to be written by a person who has a real vendetta against him. It says, “You’ll appear humorous to your co-workers, but at least they understand you aren’t engaging in online gambling in a online casino. You wouldn’t want to do that anyways because it can make you get into debt.

Your supervisor will be pleased since he doesn’t want his personnel gambling and even where these buy viagara online. You actually cannot rely on an online pharmacy nowadays anyway. It is particularly true when it comes to weight loss pills. Only some of these work and it’s really better to lose weight naturally.”

Between the FTC action that named him and the linking crap above, Ben is not having a good year.

And besides me, it looks like the website I’ve Tried That was targeted as well. That website works hard to protect consumers as well. If someone really had it out for Ben, why pick these two sites?

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