I’m in Dubai and My Debt is Way More Than My Income. – Ami

“Dear Jon,

I’m staying in Dubai for 5 years, I wasn’t have any debt until last year for some family reason, now with only 6000 salary I end up with 120K debt, I’m trying to maintain the debt until now even it is exhausting, I’m about to consult debt consultant to solve it but a little bit worry

My questions is, is this the right step, I still have secure job and hope to pay all my debt till I’m free from it. but please give me the best advise to start get out of debt…my record from good now became poor since I have to pay the installment more then I earned. thank you for your advise.



Yes, by trying to get a grasp on the debt situation early, you are doing the right thing. Also, seeking professional help is wise as well.

I have a few questions.

Are you in arrears with any of the accounts, or are you just struggling with the repayments?

Have you looked at your expenses and can you make some reductions?

Where are you originally from, what country?

Have you discussed your situation with the banks you owe the money to?

You mentioned the debt was “for some family reason”. Can your family help you with any of the repayments?

Get back to me and we can look closer at your situation.

If you are in arrears and the bank(s) are threatening you, you may need to take swift action.



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