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I’m Willing to Go Back to Dubai to be Arrested Over My Debt

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

I had been living in Dubai for nearly 8 years and maintained a great job and income. Whilst there, my ex wife and I also brought a property and eventually sold the property after the recession hit. All in all, had never been in any trouble or debt. I then took out a C.Card with FGB and after losing my job last year I was unable to pay the minimum payment every month and with no job had to go back to the UK so I could re-assess the situation.

I had been paying the minimum amount every month with no default prior to that. After returning back to the UK, I was getting emails from debt collectors demanding I pay the outstanding. I explained that, I want to pay and that it would be considerably lower then what they wanted since the salary scales in the UK are much lower. They said, pay a deposit down payment amount which I was not in a position to do financially.

I am now in touch with the banks however, I have a case which has been filed. The point I was making to the banks is that, I am able to get employment in the UAE and once done so, I can start to repay every month. I want to provide post dated cheques and also give them my passport as assurance and guarantee with the cheques which shows my commitment to getting the debt resolved.

I have a case so I know when I land I could be detained as I am planning to travel and seek employment (this is the easiest way for me to get the debt wiped).

Could you tell me what options I have and in terms of negotiating and also what may happen when I land etc. Will I be let out pending a court hearing? I have been told that it will go to court and then perhaps a fine will be imposed.

I am 100% certain to get employment, which may take a month or so but I want to find a way to be given that time when I land while providing posted dated cheques etc or if you could tell me what is likely to happen as I have been in constant talks and email correspondences with the banks. Should I take print outs and keep them with me when I travel?

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I would really appreciate your assistance in this matter as I am hoping to travel very soon and face the music.


Dear Majid,

In Dubai debt problems can and do land people in jail. I’ve heard all sorts of stories about people doing there sentence and being let out only to owe the exact same amount again. Being jailed does not eliminate your debt.

Personally, I think your are playing with fire here. You can certainly communicate with your bank and try to negotiate a fair solution but there is so much at risk here. The bank could say you will not be arrested but the police could arrest you because their is a warrant out for you.

The most logical thing to do before ever returning would be to locate a Dubai attorney to represent you. The attorney could confirm your status with the police, negotiate with the bank, put the deal in writing, and assist you through this process.

While the attorney will charge a fee for services, it is money well spent. You are in a legal situation and need specific legal advice. Nothing less is appropriate or smart.

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