Will I Be Arrested for My UK Tax Debt?

“Dear Jon,

I have a problem with the UK tax on what I owe.

They sent me a statement last month to my address in Thailand.

Can I get arrested at the airport on arrival or departure in the UK?

Thank in advance for your help



First off, no worries, you will not be arrested, stopped, or detained entering or leaving the UK. Owing taxes in itself, is not a crime, depending on how and why you owe them.

Have you spoke to HMRC as to why you owe the taxes?

Can you afford to repay them or set-up a repayment schedule?

Obviously, HMRC know you live outside the UK if they sent you a statement in Thailand. How long have you owed the taxes?

For owing taxes alone, you will not have a problem entering or leaving the UK. It is only if a crime has been committed, that it may be an issue. Owing taxes alone is not a crime.



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