Why Am I Not Getting My PayPal Master Card E-Statements From Synchrony Bank?

“Dear Steve,

I have signed up for e-statements. The email account to which they were being sent was changed in October since I was not receiving the statement monthly and the “customer service” representative suggested that of course the problem must be with the email service (G-Mail!).

I changed the email to my work email, made certain to add their email address to my safe senders and received 1 statement in October – of course all the not-received payments generate late fees. I called today 11-22-2014 ( I sent a reminder in my calendar) to check and lo and behold there was a statement generated 11-16-2014 that I saw on their website – so I called again because of course no e-statement was received via email.

I asked to receive both print and email statements and was first told I could only get one or the other. I insisted and was place on hold awhile the “representative” spoke to a supervisor who lo and behold allowed both. I really think this a scam with Synchrony as I was told when I asked them to contact their IT department – that they don’t have one? This of course came after a series of false statements (including the outrageous lie that if the email didn’t actually come into my email – they would have received a bounce back – I have their address entered into my safe senders list and absolutely nothing came through – I had my company system IT director verify.

This issue has now surfaced with 2 different emails (neither of which has experienced any such issues with any other vendors. Is it really possible that this pretense of a bank has no IT department? or is this just a blowoff to be able to generate bogus late fees for the bank?

Have others had the same issue ? To whom could I report this suspected scam.


Dear Dorothy,

Who really knows why you are not getting the e-statement. Could be a problem anywhere in the electronic chain.

See also  SYNCHRONY BANK - CFPB Complaint ID 2472957

The bottom line issue here is the statement is sent as a courtesy to you. If you don’t receive it then it is your duty and obligation to chase it down. Not getting a statement does not relieve you of your obligation to pay it.

It sounds as if the paper statement was always more reliable and you should switch back to that delivery method.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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