We Are Moving to Mexico for a Job. – Mellisa


“Dear Steve,

My husband is on unemployment in NJ. We are moving to Mexico Playa Del Carmen for a job opportunity for me and hopefully a better life. Can he still collect unenployment while trying to establish his business in Mexico?


Dear Mellisa,

I’m jealous of your move to Playa del Carmen in Mexico. I’ve had some good times down there and one of my favorite beaches is right across the water on Cozumel. Good luck with the move.

I’m not really an unemployment specialist but I did take a quick look at the New Jersey site and here is what I found.

If you move while claiming benefits, you may report your new address and new telephone number when you claim benefits on the Internet, by telephone, or by mail. If you worked in New Jersey and have relocated to another State, you must file a claim against New Jersey. You may file your claim by calling the New Jersey claims office that handles out-of-state claims at 1-888-795-6672.

If you move out-of state while you are claiming benefits, you should immediately telephone 1-888-795-6672 and select the option to file a claim in order to report the address change. An agent will assist you in claiming benefits against New Jersey on an interstate basis. If you move to a neighboring locality in New York, Pennsylvania or Delaware (within commuting distance of New Jersey), you may change your address by telephoning a New Jersey Reemployment Call Center at the regular telephone numbers.

I guess you could always have the address changed to someone in state or a mail forwarding box to collect your local mail and forward it on.

I would suggest that you call New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development and ask them about moving out of the country.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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Steve Rhode

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