I Am Currently Enrolled in CCCS And Having a Hard Time Making My Payments. – Kim


“Dear Steve,

I work fulltime and owe $24000.00 in credit cards.

I am currently enrolled in CCCS and I am having a hard time making my monthly payment. I have payed 671.00 for 2 months now, but the 3rd month is due and all I have in my bank account is 25.00. Medical finaces caused me to be -228.00 2 weeks ago. CCCS payment is due in 4 days and I will not get payed until 3 days after due date. What can I do? As it is now I have hardly any food (no meat, no milk, just a few can goods) and no money. CCCS said they will drop me if I don’t pay them. Help!


Dear Kim,

If they have already looked at your payment and that is the lowest they can give you, let them drop you. An issue I have with CCCS is that your monthly payment is calculated backwards. it is not based on what is realistic for you, but what the creditors want.

It sounds to me that a monthly payment of $600+ is neither reasonable nor sustainable for you over the long haul of getting out of debt. If, at anytime, over the 60 month repayment period in a CCCS plan, you can’t continue, then all the money you’ve paid up to that point will reduce your debt but the overall problem of being in the debt continues.

If you had used the $671 x 2 to pay for bankruptcy, this would all be behind you now. But as it stands, you’ve paid $1,342 and you have no food to live on.

Its not CCCS that can give you a pass, it is the creditors, through CCCS, that are looking for the payment.

Based on what you’ve said, go talk to a local bankruptcy attorney and seriously consider bankruptcy. You’ve tried CCCS and it’s not working for you. When you call and discuss this situation with your CCCS credit counselor, if they are being honest with you, they should also tell you to look at bankruptcy.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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Steve Rhode

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