I am an Authorized User on a Credit Card. Can I Consolidate These Debts? – Mary

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“Dear Steve,

I filed bankruptcy 8 years ago so when I started to re-establish my credit, I did so by being an “authorized user” on my spouses credit cards. The credit card debt is mine – can I consolidate these debts or does my spouse have to do that?

Can I consolidate debt in my name for credit card bills that I am only an authorized user on?


Dear Mary,

If your goal is to get those loans in your name only, you could apply for a new credit card and if approved, do a balance transfer from the old card to the new card. However, check with the bank first before you apply to make sure there is no issue in them paying off the first account that is not in your name. Banks are getting pickier these days.

If you are using the terms consolidation to refer to some type of debt management plan, you can’t do that, these debts belong to the cardholder, not you.


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