My Wife and I Are in the Military and Need to Get a Consolidation Loan. – Andy

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“Dear Steve,

My Wife and I are in the Military and have 3 or 4 credit cards and a few loans. My wife had identify theft and we tried to consolidate her past debt and still have collection agencies calling us for more debt we need to settle.

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My Question is with all our debt adding up to close to 30,000 or so is it possible to get a consolidation loan to pay this off, and would it affect her
credit and mine?



Let me be blunt, but clear, no respectble lender is going to give you a loan to pay off these cards. If someone is promising you a loan to consolidate it is almost guaranteed to be a scam and they will ask you for money up-front as a processing fee and you will not get the loan.

If you wanted to make one payment and try to get a reduced monthly payment you should try a debt management company first. They might be able to create a debt management plan for you that makes sense. If you explore that option and don’t like what you hear, come back here and post a comment to update me and we’ll then explore the next step.

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