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I Put My Girlfriend’s Electricity in My Name. She Screwed Me Over.


“Dear Steve,

I helped a girlfriend out with putting the electric in my name at her resisdence. I assumed she paid the bill. When I moved to my residence and established electric service, they attached the past due bill on, In addition attached a bill from 7 years ago from a previous address.

In the state of Illinois what is the statue of limitations on utility bills?



Dear Noname,

If you ever become financially responsible for someone else, you always risk the chance of getting stuck with the total bill.

You can use the link to visit stature of limitations information but what people don’t realize about the statue of limitations is that it prevents the creditor suing you outside the statute of limitations but they can still attempt to collect the debt without suing you.

If you can afford to pay the bill, pay it.

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