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My Brother Has Been Arrested in Dubai for Debts He Owes and He Cannot Leave the Country. – U


“Dear Steve,

This is in connection with my brother, who officially visit to Dubai to accomplish some assignments on behalf of his employer. Sometimes back while he had been working in Dubai he obtained some loans from banks. Before the loans were finally cleared he had to abruptly return to Pakistan due to sudden illness of his father. Who subsequently died and circumstances did not permit him to go back and resume his job.

As a consequence, when this time, he handed at Dubai Airport, the authorities detained him due to default of bank loans. After confiscating his travel documents he was allowed to enter Dubai.

Now his visa is expired and his assignment is over and he is not allowed to return back. Unfortunately the present debt amount (Around AED 50,00) is out of our reach to pay back in one or two months. There is no person in Dubai who could give his guarantee.

If you have any solution in this case, please reply.



Dear U,

There isn’t a thing that can be done about this except for the debt to be repaid. The law in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) allows people reentering the country with criminal charges for non-payment filed against to be held in jail until the debt is repaid.

Please read a previous post of mine for more information. See I’m Worried I’m Going to Get Arrested For My Bad Debt in Dubai and Sit in Jail for a Long Time. – William


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  • Sir , 
    My brother have a problem with his credit card , and he owes 200,000 amount for banks.  and he is enable to repay the amount and he is surrender to police what will be the penalty and jail for him 

  • i had read your answers and suggestions and now i got a hope as someone would help me out in my problem which i will write it to you

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