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I Just Graduated From Nursing School Without a Diploma. How Do I Get a Job? – Noname


“Dear Steve,

I just graduated from Nursing school and I owe the school $40,000 (not student loans). They were nice enough to allow me enroll in classes so I can graduate but now I do not have a transcript or diploma.

I would like to pay back the debt as soon as I get a job but how do I go about applying for/ and securing a job without official documents from the school supporting my claim.


Dear Noname,

Beats me. The transcript and diploma are the collateral of the school and they won’t release them until you pay for the services rendered. You could go out and get a loan for $40,000 to pay the school and then you’d get what you want.

Unless you come up with the money to payoff the school they were simply nice enough to let you waste your time earning a diploma and credentials you will never receive.