I Went to College for a Bit and Now They Want Me to Pay. – Noname


“Dear Steve,

I singed a contract with my college to attend a semester tuition was 10 thousand dollars. I paid 3 thousand and stopped going to classes after that.

The college is insisting I pay the remainder 6 thousand dollars, I ignored there request and told them I never attended class. They said since i singed a contract saying I pay the tuition i was obligated to pay the remainder. Now I have collection call me everyday the balance has somehow jumped to 11 thousand dollars…I am 18 and don’t work live with my parents. My parents cannot pay this off..what are my options? I don’t want to involve my parents however i am a depended of them. I cant pay the money off my college wont corporate and help me and the money seems to grow by the day. It feels like i am drowning in a bag I want to go hide but problems doesn’t seem to disappear. Please help.

What are my options with out involving my parents even if i am a dependent. Can i file bankruptcy. I want to do something so this doesn’t hunt me when I am 35…


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Dear Noname,

You’re screwed on this debt. You will have to pay it. I’ve seen this happen to a lot of people. The only way a college will reduce the amount of your tuition is if you follow their withdrawal and refund policy. If you had notified them by X date that you were dropping out you would have only had to pay a percentage.

This sure sounds like a private student loan and thus can’t be discharged in bankruptcy but you could always go talk to a local bankruptcy attorney and have them review the situation.

And for all of us over 35, it’s not that old.

There is no need to involve your parents. It sounds like you were 18 when you signed the contract to pay for school. You were of legal age to enter a contract on your own. If you were not 18 when you signed the contract, you might have a loophole there.

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I can appreciate how stressful and overwhelming the situation feels but it is most the fear of not knowing and not having a plan that creates those bad vibes. Once you talk to the local bankruptcy attorney you’ll know if there is the slightest chance of discharging this debt in bankruptcy, if not, looks like you’ll be working hard to pay it off.

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