I Went Bankrupt Five Years Ago. I Don’t Think I Can Do That Again. – CurlyGirl


“Dear Steve,

I’m current on all my credit card debts, but the $700 a month in minimum payments (on about $10K total in debt) is killing me. I was laid off from a good job 2 years ago and have been freelancing ever since, so my income is irregular, but still enough to live. I’m doing without the bare necessities some months to keep those credit card payments current.

I had a successful bankruptcy five years ago; this debt has all accumulated since then. I just lost my husband to cancer and would gladly file bankruptcy again, to get a fresh start, but I don’t think the courts will let me. From your articles, it sounds like debt counseling wont’ lower my monthly repayments, either. What can I do?


Dear CurlyGirl,

Jump in the car and peddle yourself back down to the bankruptcy attorney office. Last time you probably did a chapter 7 bankruptcy, this time you can do a chapter 13 bankruptcy. You’re just not eligible for a chapter 7 bankruptcy again so soon. But not to worry, the chapter 13 bankruptcy will give you a payment plan within your income.

I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your husband to cancer. What a shame.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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