I Can’t Make the Mortgage and Feed the Kids. – Lill


“Dear Steve,

We are having problems making our mortgage payments and lot rent. We live in a modular home park and we are suppose to pay 21000.00 total for this place. The modular home appraised by the county is at 11,000 as I just found out not long ago.

We pay 285 monthly lot rent and 295 monthly mortgage. We have to pay & keep home owners insurance ,plus we keep current on car insurance and of course all the utilities we pay. It has got so bad,that for the past year we have been really struggling. I have been borrowing money from family and friends, we have to do tons of cash advances to make payments.

We are really hit hard by everything and we are barely keeping the electric on now & its even hard to afford groceries anymore, I just hit up the food banks and applied for foodstamps. I have 3 children with my husband who also currently pays child support on another child he has.

I just got a free ride to college full time, but think I need to just let that go because we cant afford for me not to work. Which I was previously working but got a bright idea I would go to college so gave my notice. My husband thought he could pick up overtime to make up for it.

Now the company insurance has gone up for the 4th time in 2 years,they are doing all kinds of pay cuts, cut out bonuses and raises and are not allowing overtime. We are not making as of now and we have been looking at bankruptcy and/or just letting them foreclose on the place. But I am afraid of what they can do to us after they foreclose?

I also am afraid of not having any money to feed and cloth my kids trying to make payments and keep utilities on here. I am stuck what should we do and what can we do?I am just terrified,

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Dear Lill,

Your situation sounds like a horrible experience to live through. Between the daily stress and future uncertainty, this is not the life you probably thought you’d be living.

We have to prioritize your expenses at this point and make sure that you can pay for the health insurance and take care of the food for the family. While it might be better to let the mortgage go and go bankrupt, you’ll still need to find a place to live.

Your mortgage and lot rent add up to $580 a month and it seems like your family income has really dropped that the housing payment is now way more than you can afford.

It sounds like you’ve had some caring friends and family helping you out, but they can’t keep that up. It’s not fair to have them pouring money down a hole that is not going to get better without action on your part.

If you can go back to work and you can find a place to stay or rent, bankruptcy probably is worth seriously investigating. Find a local bankruptcy attorney and go in and talk to them for free about your situation.

The path out is probably this approach:

  • Go bankrupt.
  • Find new place to stay.
  • Maintain insurance.
  • Try and start saving some money after bankruptcy.
  • Find new employment.
  • Regroup life under this new fresh start and move forward.

This unfortunate downward spiral is not going to change until you take specific action to alter the path. You must intervene.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Steve Rhode

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