I Want to Use Twitter to Get Out of Debt. – Kunwar


“Dear Steve,

I had a family business since 1978.

The business ran into trouble waters in 1999.

There were huge debts. we settled a few.

I lost my father in2005.

I pledged to settle some debts.

In 2007 I closed the business as i INCURRED MORE LOSSES AND WAS DIFFICULT TO SUSTAIN. I joined XXXX as tech. support officer. worked for 7 months and joined XXXX here in Mumbai, India. During the course of my job I incurred more debts in form of credit cards. I lost my job in Jan 2009. after that I started my own business by borrowing Rs 25000 ($ 500 approx.)

Till now I have been paying my debts except for credit cards that amount to about Rs. 300000($6000 APPROX).

My income is not much but by the look of things it will grow to 50000($1000) in the next 6 months. Out of desperation I joined about 70 survey sites but surveys are not happening much. I have made a website but traffice is not happening. I joined twitter to increase traffic but it seems everyone is promoting something or the other and the situation is not improving.

I am finding it very difficult to sustain.

Please guide me as to what I should do.

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Dear Kunwar,

I’m pleased to see that you are making attempts to increase your income to repay your debts in India.

Using Twitter to try to make money from your site sounds interesting but I doubt it is going to work. And please don’t start sending out spam message to make money. Twitter might be an effective tool to make money but not by sending messages to try to sell something. Instead, build a site that meets a niche need and tweet messages that having meaning and provide value to those that want to subscribe to your Twitter following.

A random sales effort explosion will almost always result in an investment of time but little reward. Almost everything worth achieving is the result of the application of hard work and focus.

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I think all you can do is all you can do. It appears that what you need most is to let some time pass so your income increases and you can repay your debt in monthly payments.

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