Did I Screwup When I Made One Payment On An Old Debt? – Dave

“Dear Steve,

I have an old debt. It is more than six years old. The collection agency says that they can still collect since I have made a partial payment to them. There is nothing in writing between us. I live in Michigan and the statue of limitations is six years. Did the SOL clock start ticking again when I made the partial payment or not. I told them about the statue of limitations but they said it did not apply since I sent them in a payment and now they won’t stop calling me . Should I just tell them I will see them in court over this ? AM I right that that the I don’t have to continue to pay them because of the SOL.


Dear Dave,

Sending a payment on an old debt can start the clock ticking from zero on an old debt. Basically you acknowledged that the debt was valid and collectible.

For specific advice in your situation you should speak to a licensed attorney in Michigan where you live.


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